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Ayurveda Equipments & Accessories


We  manufacture and export  varieties of ayurveda equipments & accessories for  multiple uses. Our wide spectrum of  ayurvedic equipments & accessories include panchakarma accessories, power ammi, pills making machine, shalaka (panchaloha), kinetiser heater with uruli and multi purpose bench & oil vessel made of medicinal woods for various other purposes. Each & every equipment and accessory has their own requirements and necessities.

Panchakarma Accessories

Panchakarma accessories are   mostly made  of white bronze metal, handcrafted and developed in traditional shapes and designs. These are dhara-Kindi, Thannikinnam, Oil bowl, Thavi, Mortar & Pestle, Lotta, Polished Varpu, Nasya Yanthram, Incense burner, Nilavilakku (lamp), Chattukam, Small Varpu, Unpolished Uruli, Pathy kayil , Incense burner and Kalaba kinnam.

Power Ammi

 Power Ammi comprises  of single or double grinding stones that are made of Blue granite with mechanized grinding arms. It is an essential accessory which is used for grinding herbs into paste form.

Pills Making Machine

Pills making machine can produce varied kind of ayurvedic pills in the classical pills shape. The prepared paste received from the power ammi is fed into the extruder and the output is developed into pills shape by 2 sets of form cutters and then a polishing unit shapes the pills.


This is an essential and indispensable equipment for agnikarma procedure.These are made  of using five types of metals such as gold, silver, copper, iron and tin by the traditional hand casting method which is offered  with wooden handle.

Kinetiser heater with flat bottom Uruli

Kinetiser is a patented shockproof Heater which is extensively used for heating oil by energy transfer with minimum electrical energy. It requires a flat bottom vessel.  A special  White Bronze Uruli is available  for this purpose.

Multi Purpose Bench & Wooden Oil Vessel

The Multi Purpose Bench & Wooden Oil Vessel is made by our well trained Kerala craftsmen using medicinal woods like Neem, Venga etc. The wooden vessel with hand carved designs is used to collect and store Shirodhara / Pizhichil oils while the bench is used to support this vessel below the Dhroni's oil drain as well as to seat the patient for head oiling.


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